Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life emerges from the roots

But it's not how the political culture works. The dominant culture - economic and political - imposes an economic paradigm over us all with little regard for how life actually works. With humans' increasing technological prowess, that dominance is becoming more pervasive - and more destructive - as it spreads over the planet. It has abstracted us from our living community, separated our sense of self and identity from the ecological whole, but only our "sense" of self because in reality we can never be separated at all.

The dominant political culture also tends to be hierarchical. Even big progressive organizations tend to mimic hierarchy, with structures of top-down decision-making, boards of directors, directives sent out (or down) to affiliates, and a culture of leadership that reveres "experts" with advanced college degrees rather than the wisdom of the local, the experiential, the wisdom of the "native."

Why do I start THIS blog page, a page about stories, with that reflection? Because here we want to share the stories of what is emerging "from below" to challenge the dominant culture. We believe that all social change movements not only begin from below but are most successful when they remain true to that source.